Spark Plug Blowout Repair

Ford Triton Spark Plug Blowout Repair

Ford Triton Spark Plug Blowout Repair

Guaranteed Ford Triton Spark Plug Repair

Hi, my name is Les and I own AIMS Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.  I am an ASE Certified machinist and I’ve been in the trade since 1969.

I have been fixing these Triton spark plug holes for 7 years now.  300 Vehicles to date with absolutely no failures.  The reason I say fixing them is because when I’m done, I guarantee that you will not have a problem with that particular cylinder blowing out a spark plug again for the rest of the time you own the vehicle…period!  (Providing proper procedures are followed on future tune-ups).  No fine print, no “and’s”, “if’s” or “but’s” about it!

Following are the vehicles that often need a Ford Triton Spark Plug Repair:

  • Full Size Ford Cars
  • Ford Explorers
  • Ford Expeditions
  • Ford Excursions
  • Ford F150
  • Ford F250
  • Ford F350
  • Ford E150
  • Ford E250
  • Ford E350

My understanding is the dealership Ford Triton Spark Plug Blowout Repair is upwards of $3000.00 and about a week’s downtime.  I’m using the only Certified Ford tool on the market that addresses all the issues with this repair; and your vehicle is down for less than a day.  It’s $500 labor plus a new coil and spark plug that you can supply.  What’s more, the repair can be done onsite up to 20 minute’s drive from Carver, MA.  Further distances will require a nominal fee for drive time.

Do the math!  A Certified Ford fix that comes with my guarantee:  1 day’s downtime, $500, FIXED; versus a $200.00 “get-me-by” repair or a $3000.00 “Oh my God!” mortgage payment fix and a week’s downtime.

Ford Triton Spark Plug Blowout Repair

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